About me

Hi there! Мy name’s Uri Finkelberg, I am a professional photographer and I am so glad to meet you!

In my works, I capture emotions, true and genuine feelings, smiles and love, and all the features up to the smallest of details…

I am always immersed in the creative process and stay open to cooperation and new ideas. Getting a glimpse of a person’s identity and showing its inner beauty is what really matters. I am deeply invested in my work and trying my best to make each photo session truly unique. I am totally absorbed in the creative process and try to reach my full potential as a photographer which is why I manage to capture unique true-to-life shots.

Мy services

To make my services more client-friendly, I’ve categorized and put them in the respective sections on the site. Should you not find the service you’re interestd in, don’t hesitate to reach me or leave me your contact information to get the consultation.

How I operate

Having a meeting

We’ll meet over coffee or tea to discuss your vision of the photo shoot. I need to get a clear idea of what you like.

Planning the session

I’ll help you plan the session so that we could capture all important moments. We’ll arrage the dates and time, as well as the style.

Taking pictures

I will help you choose a perfect location, set yourself in the right position and boost up your mood — it’d be worth your time!

Getting your pictures

I won’t be trying your patience or temper, but I’ll need 3-4 days to edit the pictures before I can give them to you.